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A mashup is a combination between two videos.
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Bieber and Mozart
Kitten and ACDC
Obama and Harpsichord
NFL Combine and Sarah Mclachlan
1920's and 1980's
Demoman and Kanye West
IBM and Anime
Krunk Dancing and Benny Hill Music
Gordon Ramsay and Swedish Chef
Tuba and Cat Meow

Random Mashups: (warning! these mashups may be offensive and may not be safe for work.)
Mario and Gotye Somebody
Dotyeand Gotye Somebody
Ytp Gotye and Gotye Somebody
Gotye Somebody and Ytp Gotye
Trololo Gotye Nes
Trololo and Gotye and Nes
Trololo and Gotyeeasy
Gotyeeasy and Trololo
Lady Gaga and Guns and Roses
Thriller and Orgy

Most Popular Mashups:
Bieber and Mozart
Kitten and Acdc
Obama and Harpsichord
Nfl Combine and Sarah Mclachlan
1920's and 1980's
Krunk Dancing and Benny Hill Music
Gordon Ramsay and Swedish Chef
Tuba and Cat Meow
Demoman and Kanye West
Ibm and Anime
Monkey Taunts Tigers and Spiderman Theme
Amazing and Tragic
Adriana Lima and Just The Way You Are
Jazzercise and I Like Big Butts
Gabe Newell and Trololo
Dog and Lemon
Bc Lions
Canucks Green Men and Beastie Boys Sabotage
Demopan and Kanye West
Trumpet Solo and Kazoo Solo
Elin Nordegren and Gold Digger
Obama and Adele
Nasty and Aerosmith
Vancouver Canucks and Acdc
Michelle Obama Dancing and Diva


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